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Rebar Curb Geocache
Only $6.00

Fake Electrical Conduit
Only $12.00

Fake Electrical Plate
Only $5.95

Golf Ball Geocache
Only $6.50

Small Pine Cone Geocache
Only $5.99

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Halloween Geocache Containers
Location : Halloween Geocache Containers

These containers are designed to be spooky and scary. Our Halloween containers are sure to freak out and amaze all your local cachers.  Like all of our caching containers, each Halloween Container comes pre-loaded with log sheets.

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Yellow Spotted Spider Geocache Container

Our Yellow Spotted spider has bright red eyes that's sure to scare any cacher hunting through a bush.    This spider comes with a hanging nano attached to the underside of it's belly, which can be used to hang this spider upside down wit...

More Info...
Price : $4.99

White Spotted Spider Geocache Container

Our White Spotted spider has round white spots that it uses as a protective mechanism against muggles.  This spider comes with a hanging nano tucked inside it's belly. This cache comes pre-loaded with 1(one) hanging log sheet PLUS one backup ...

More Info...
Price : $4.99

Small Red Tip Spider Geocache Container

This is a small, black, spider that has red tips on the end of its legs giving it that extra scary effect.  Our red-tip spider comes equipped with a magnet glued to it's underbelly.  A small black vial, with a reverse magnet inside the l...

More Info...
Price : $3.59

Small Bat Geocache Container

This little bat has a small black vial attached to his belly.  It almost looks as if the bat is carrying a missle. As with all of our Halloween caches, this one may not be available all year round, but we have enough in stock to last for a wh...

More Info...
Price : $3.49

Large Bat Geocache Container

This spooky bat has a wing span of almost a foot!  With a hanging attachment on it's back, this black bat is ready to hang in any tree.  Each bat comes with a bison tube inside it's mouth that matches it's scary red or green eyes.  ...

More Info...
Price : $5.99

Small Spider Geocache Container

Our small spider has almost a suede feel to the touch.  This cache is about the size of a medium tarantula and is ready to scare the next cacher it comes into contact with.  Each small spider comes with a black bison in order to blend in...

More Info...
Price : $5.49

Large Red Eye Spider Geocache Container

Our large spider, comes in green and red (pictured) or all black (color is subject to availability), and is larger then life and big enough to give even the bravest cacher the chills.  The large spider comes with a Reverse Scuba Bison tube at...

More Info...
Price : $5.99

Fake Skull Geocache Container

This scary skull will cause your local geocachers to scream.  Made of plastic, this skull is very durable.  It has been retrofitted with a black pill bottle container.  This cache comes pre-loaded with 2(two) large log sheets.


More Info...
Price : $5.99

Nano Skull Back Geocache Containers

The Nano Skull Back version has a a brown nano affixed to the back of the nano skulls head. The perfect cache for that scary, but small magnetic space.  This nano comes pre-stuffed with a nano log as well as a backup log in a ziptop baggie.
More Info...
Price : $4.49

Nano Skull Neck Geocache Containers

The Nano Skull Neck version has a a brown nano affixed to the bottom of the nano skull to look like the nano skulls neck. The perfect cache for that scary, but small magnetic space.  This nano comes pre-stuffed with a nano log as well as a ba...

More Info...
Price : $4.49

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