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Rebar Curb Geocache
Only $6.00

Fake Electrical Conduit
Only $12.00

Fake Electrical Plate
Only $5.95

Golf Ball Geocache
Only $6.50

Small Pine Cone Geocache
Only $5.99

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Travel Bugs
Location : Travel Bugs

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Geocache Travel Bug Dog Tags

A Travel Bug* Dog Tag is a unique tracking tag that you can attach to items and give them goals for others to try and complete! Each Travel Bug gets its own page on where you can track its progress as it passes on from person t...

More Info...
Price : $6.50

Tyler the Turtle Travel Tag

Tyler the Turtle loves to go out geocaching with his Underwater Adventure friends! As he glides through the ocean water, he is able to spot any geocache. His slower approach to things helps him seek out the clues that the others often miss. He is ...

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Price : $6.50

Bernadette the Bear Travel Tag

Bernadette the Bear likes to surprise geocachers and scare them away. She is particularly cautious when her cub, Brady, is around. Always geocache with a partner who is slower than you, in case she comes chasing. Bernadette prefers forests and she...

More Info...
Price : $6.50

Simon the Seahorse Travel Tag


Simon the Seahorse loves to giddy-up in the shallow tropical waters of sea grass beds or coral reefs. Geocaching is the perfect family adventure and he loves to take his 1,500 kids out geocaching! His Underwater Adventure friends ar...

More Info...
Price : $6.50

Penelope the Pig Travel Tag


Penelope loves spending her time by wallowing in the mud and soaking up the sun. Pigs have been able to find their way home over long distances since they have a great sense of direction. If you are ever found without your GPS, Pene...

More Info...
Price : $6.50

3 inch Reflective Decal Geocache Travel Bug

Instantly make anything trackable with this Travel Bug* reflective decal! Smaller in size, these vehicle decals work perfectly on a bike or motorcycle.

This decal is approximately 3.25” x 1.25" and also includes a copy tag that ...

More Info...
Price : $10.00

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