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Location : Custom Geocache Containers
Large GeoStick

The large GeoStick is a homemade custom container.  These are made from real sticks so each is very unique.  The GeoStick container itself is a piece of branch that is cut in half with a small bison tube retro-fitted into it.  Finders unscrew the stick to reveal the log sheet.  The tube comes with an o-ring and the container has one log inside and one log on the side. This is a exclusive item and each is created in house!

** PLEASE NOTE ** these containers are all very similar and your will be similar to the one shown but not EXACTLY like it.  

Units Width Height Depth
Imperial 6.00" x 1.50" x 1.50"
Metric 153mm x 38mm x 38mm


More Pictures:

Our Price : $10.95 (USD)

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