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Rebar Curb Geocache Container

The rebar curb cache is the perfect sneaky hide for the urban parking lot.  Simply drop this rebar down the hole of a parking barrier and walk away.  The rebar comes in a standard size, and has a whole drilled near the bottom where the keyring of either a Regular Bison Tube or a Long Skinny Bison Tube is attached.  Like all of our containers, each rebar geocache comes pre-loaded with 1(one) log sheet plus a backup log in a zip top baggie.

* Please note that bison tube colors may vary with availability.

Dimensions without Tube attached:

Units Width Height Depth  
Imperial 0.5" x 4.5" x 0.5"
Metric 13mm x 114mm x 13mm

Regular Bison: add 50mm/2.17" to height
Long Skinny Bison: add 70mm/2.76" to height

More Pictures:


Our Price : $6.00 (USD)

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